Samsung Galaxy S21 may have an under-screen selfie camera

Over the remaining couple of years, we saw the beginning of the pop-up selfie digital camera and the punch-hollow design, but the all-screen phone remains elusive for the overall public. Sure, Oppo confirmed an operating prototype of a cellphone with an under-show selfie digital camera, and LG filed a similar affected person afterward, but there are not any plans For a mass-produced Mobile phone of such sort yet.

samsung galaxy s21


Things might trade quickly if the rumor shared by using Ice Universe turns out to be true. The well-known Hong Kong-primarily based leakers published a mysterious message on Twitter, declaring that Samsung is allegedly considering an under-show camera within the Galaxy S21, wherein we anticipate he’s referring to the following Samsung S-collection flagship cellphone. There are not any resources mentioned however consistent with the tweet, the Korean company is evaluating the technology and the Galaxy S21 might be the first device to incorporate it.



It’s needless to say that these facts have to be curious about a grain of salt; actually, make that a bucket. We’ll have to be compelled to a minimum of stay up for the rumor mill to provide a lot of material at the matter, before metaphorically (damn you, coronavirus) lining up within the front of Samsung’s stores.


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